Question Of The Day: Could You Forgive Someone Regardless Of What They’ve Done To You??

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This James Moss, but based on his despicable behavior we’re pretty sure that he’s also the devil in the flesh!

If you remember a couple days ago we posted a story about a father (Moss) that burned his sons hand on the stove and forced him into an oven, threatening to turn it on. However, during his trial he got the support of the last person you would expect…

His vicious father burned his hands on a stove and stuffed him in an oven during a horrific attack last year, but 11-year-old Chris Moss still couldn’t bear to see his old man jailed yesterday.

In a tearful statement in Staten Island Supreme Court, the boy implored a judge to go easy on his dad for his “mistake.”

“Right now, I’m crying because he is the only dad I need, and if he’s not with me, I’m nothing without him,” Chris told the court.

Chris’ father, James, 53, pleaded guilty this week to attacking the boy in May 2010 in Graniteville after accusing him of stealing cash from his wallet.

Chris read this statement in front the the court which ultimately saved his father from years of imprisonment.

Disclaimer: You may want to get some tissues first…

Dear judge,

I will fight so hard for my dad to live with me. He made a big mistake but really somewhere in his heart, he’s funny, lovable, caring, and the greatest father in the whole entire world. Everybody in my family like uncles, aunts, cousins, my mom, my sister, grandma, his mom, and me is giving him a second chance. Will you?

God will solve everything if you can make the right choice. And I forgive my dad a lot.

From Chris Moss
God will forgive everything

Do you think you would have the ability to forgive someone that did something so evil and terrible to you?



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