Isht Is Really Real In London: Rioting Over Police Fatal Police Shooting Of A Black Man Continues For Third Day [Photos]

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Riots Rage On In London For Third Straight Day

Pay close attention: this could very well be Washington, D.C.

Three days ago, rioting and looting started over the unecessary police shooting of this father of four, Mark Duggan:
Mark Duggan Fatally Shot By London Police, Death Triggers Riotting

Mark Duggan Fatally Shot By London Police, Rioting Follows

But as the violence and unrest goes on, many believe that the angry, poor and disenfranchised youth of London are now expressing their frustration about so much more. But since this is the type of stuff that they would like you to believe only happens in the “3rd World,” some are arguing that the only thing keeping London under seige right now are rowdy teenagers taking advantage of an already bad situation.

Either way, the realness of s*** in London is undeniable right now.


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