Jet Beauties Of The Week & Why You Should See “The Help”

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The Help Jet Magazine Cover

The lovely ladies starring in the upcoming film “The Help,” Viola Davis and Octavia Butler, speak on why we should go out and support the movie:

“The Help” stars Octavia Butler and Viola Davis talk to JET magazine about why African-Americans need to support the film its opening weekend (August 10-14).

Octavia Spencer: “If anything you should come and support us because how many African-American-based films are there going to be this year? Not very many. How many African-American movies show the gamut of age, size and beauty? Not only are two of the three leads African-Americans, but there are several of us with substantial roles.”

Viola Davis: “If you protest ‘The Help’ and don’t want to see it onscreen, then you will see nothing. It will be replaced by nothing. If you don’t see it you are giving a very strong message to Hollywood because it is a predominantly African-American cast in a project released by a major studio. So go. If you don’t like it, have the honest and passionate discourse and come away with something. Then we can move forward. You’ve got to be the change you want to see.”

Make sure you check the film and pick up the latest issue of Jet while you’re at it…


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