Laura Govan Talks Ish About Shaq’s Crusty Feet And Says She May Reconcile With Gilbert Arenas “I Do Still Like The N***a”

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Laura Govan Basketball Wives LA 2011

With the season premiere of “Basketball Wives: L.A.” just weeks away, Laura Govan is already soaking up her time in the spotlight. The mother of Gilbert Arenas’ four children just gave a hilarious expletive-laden interview about thirsty dancin’ for reality show dollars, the real reason why Shaq never got the drawls (his nasty feet) and her legal battle and relationship with Arenas.

Check out the excerpts below:

Why did you decide to join Basketball Wives LA?

Laura Govan: For me, it was clearing up exactly what was said about me previously on the first season of Basketball Wives Miami. And also…I wanted to be the voice of myself, not someone else.

You talked about clearing things up, and a lot has been said about your relationship with Gilbert Arenas and Shaunie O’Neal. What would you like to clear up about those situations?

For me, I’m not here to clear up sh*t. If I haven’t done anything, I have nothing to clear up. I want people to understand the dynamic of what I actually went through. I’ve never been in the media. It’s always been someone else has the upper hand on that. This was my time to set the record straight on my relationship with Gilbert, my relationship with the Shaunie/Shaquille stuff. It’s been three years. We still talking about that dumb sh-t? And he’s moved on and has 100-past relationships, plus he has a solid girlfriend now. Get your life together! Get the hell out of here!

Wait we’re so confused… Didn’t she just say she wanted to clear up the stuff that was said about her on the first season???

Keep reading for more about Laura’s legal issues with Gilbert and how all the drama is affecting their kids…


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