Jumpoff Puts Cee-Lo On Blast Over “Weird Sex” And “Constantly Gobbling Lamb Chops, Cheeseburgers And Fried Chicken”

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He’s a very freaky boy! At least that’s what Taylor Jackson, a 25-year-old dancer has been telling the National Enquirer about one of our favorite singers, Cee-Lo Green.

“I was in love with Cee Lo and I would have done anything for him. I met him through Twitter, and I realized later that’s how he meets all his girlfriends. As for the romance, “it was great in the beginning, but it got to be too much very quickly,” Taylor claims. “Cee Lo loved to drink Patron tequila and take the drug Ectasy. He’d get so wasted that he’d get physically ill. One time he threw up all over hiself, the bed and the nightstand. It was nasty, but I cleaned up the bedroom mess — and him too!” When he got high…[he] wanted weird sex, she said. “Cee Lo also asked me to have group sex with him and other girls a number of times, but I always said no,” Taylor claimed. And according to Taylor, the 5-foot-7, 217-pound singer’s appetite for food was even bigger than his sex drive. “Cee Lo would devour whatever you put in front of him,” she noted. “He was constantly gobbling lamb chops, cheeseburgers and fried chicken.”

First of all — anybody with eyes can see that Cee-Lo is a freak. He’s a short fat black man that dresses up in peacock costumes. What did Taylor “The Dancer” think she was signing up for???

Who is this broad? Let that man live. Folks can’t even get high and eat what they want anymore without some thirsty ho trying to put them on blast. SMH.

But really Cee-Lo calling “Earl” all over everything is not the business. Maybe it’s time to cut back on some of the excess.



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