Ho Sit Down: Herman Cain Says “Impeaching Obama Would Be A Great Thing To Do”

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Herman Cain

We thought this fool was gonna drop out of the race. SMH. Herman Cain is up to his bad-mouthing Obama shenanigans again.

Asked on a conference call with bloggers this evening why Republicans can’t just impeach Barack Obama, Herman Cain answers that it’s mostly a matter of legislative politics, POLITICO’s Elizabeth Titus reports:

“That’s a great question and it is a great — it would be a great thing to do but because the Senate is controlled by Democrats we would never be able to get the Senate first to take up that action, because they simply don’t care what the American public thinks. They would protect him and they wouldn’t even bring it up,” Cain said, citing the administration’s position on the Defense of Marriage Act as an impeachable offense.

“So the main stumbling block in terms of getting him impeached on a whole list of things such as trying to pass a health care mandate which is unconstitutional, ordering the Department of Justice to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act — that’s an impeachable offense right there. The president is supposed to uphold the laws of this nation … and to tell the Department of Justice not to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act is a breach of his oath. … There are a number of things where a case could be made in order to impeach him, but because Republicans do not control the United States Senate, they would never allow it to get off the ground.”

Well boo-fawking-hoo. You’re gonna impeach the man for not enforcing an act that is based on being a hater? Like a real hate hater, not just a regular hater? SMH.

But apparently not all of Obama’s tactics are bad in Cain’s eyes. The GOP candidate who finished 5th in the Iowa Straw Poll is saying his supporters are pleased with his wak a$$ finish because he hasn’t spent a whole lot of money like other Republican contenders– and he has Obama to thank for his fundraising strategy.

During an appearance on Fox News earlier this week, Cain addressed how he plans to conduct his political operation going forward.

“We’re running a different type of campaign,” he said. “It’s called a bottom ups campaign — my supporters were thrilled with that finish and they’ve already started to up the ante with their contributions. Ever since, Saturday my online contributions have not stopped so just the contrary, so no, this didn’t turn my supporters off, this turned my supporters on.”

Cain added, “I will finish with number five in Iowa, that’s right where we want to be. If we finish in the top five in New Hampshire…we will be ecstatic.”

In a New York Times Magazine interview published online earlier this summer, the GOP contender suggested that his campaign for the White House was taking off. He said that his campaign was finding success in appealing to “medium- to small-dollar donors” who have contributed anywhere from $25 to $100.

Responding to the suggestion his strategy sounded “very Obama ’08” the GOP contender said, “David Plouffe wrote a book about how he did Obama’s fund-raising strategy. And guess what we did? We read the book. Genius! Let me tell you something about Herman Cain, I don’t have a problem taking a good idea and using it, even if it did come from Obama.”

This guy is the worst. Ho Sit Yo A$$ Down!

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