Hump Day Ho Tales: Groupie Gives 411 On Pre-Monica Shannon Brown “It Was HUGE”

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Shannon Brown

Happy Humpday guys! We always wondered what had Monica rushing down the aisle with Shannon Brown so quickly. Well now we know… him is PACKIN!!!!! And knows how to use it too apparently.

We peeped this “Groupie Tale” over at Baller Alertabout how Shannon Brown got it on with this random jawn prior to linking up with Monica. Check it out!

We weren’t some random people & this wasn’t some random tryst. There was such a build up to this moment…looks, words, everything..we wanted it bad. We met up at the hotel where the opposing team stays while playing in my city…he opened the door all cool we had small talk watched a lil tv then came the,”So yea what was all that sh*t you been talkin?” I instantly just lost it internally I was nervous as hell…cause I didn’t want this to be a failed mission cause I don’t get it in like that & I hate wasting my goodies. Well he stood me up off the bed started kissing me…I almost died!!!

Clothes started hitting the floor around us then he stopped & went to the bathroom I jumped in the bed & took off my delicates. He came back dropped them & there it was…it was HUGE!!! Never in my life had I seen something that beautiful. He climbed on top of me & started kissing me all over he was saying something but I was too gone to hear it. He started kissing all on my thighs and getting me hot playing with it teasing the sh*t out of me till I couldn’t take anymore I told him just put it in already cause I can’t take it anymore. He put it in and I swear I almost stopped breathing this rush just came all over me I felt like a virgin all over again. It hurt but in a good way I couldn’t help but bite his shouder as he started to stroke me slowly taking his time…at first. Then the sh*t talking started. I thought I was handling it till he started pushing my legs back & he hit this spot that I never knew existed. I started running and he kept pulling me back until he just put all his weight on me so I couldn’t move. He just stared me in my eyes and kept saying,”Look at me stop moving you said you wanted it…take it.” I tried I did but his d*ck was just to powerful…that was “Daddy D*ck” in all its glory…at this very moment I realized I had never been d*cked down right before…and after this I would NEVER be the same.

I felt like I was in a dream until I heard,”Baby what you doin? You keep running from me. Let me fu*k you…or you want me to make love to you? Is that it? Just tell me.” Then he kissed me like no one ever had before I could answer then flipped me over & got me from the back. I collapsed at first but I couldn’t let him win I had to throw it back no matter how much I couldn’t take it. That man fu*ked me till I couldn’t take anymore….toe sucking, hair pulling, a*s smacking. Well as you can see I was served & I will forever be hooked. No matter who I’m with I always think of that night. My night with Shannon Brown was what wet dreams are made of.

Bwahahahahahahaha… DEAD!


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