Cakes: RihRih Is Flossin’ Her Lil ‘Kini Bawwwdy Again…

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Rihanna has a sing and dance whilst drinking on the back of her holiday yacht in St Tropez, France.

Rihanna is still on vacay putting her lil Bajan cakes on blizzast. She and her girls had some drinks and went out on the open sea for some water sports.

Rihanna enjoys some water sports in St Tropez whilst on her summer holiday.

Lots of photos for your viewing pleasure below:



  • ok!

    Ok ri ri I like u and all and I know ur stans aren’t gonna agree with me but gezzz throw some make up on ur really not that cute to come out looking like that….*u aint beyonce* plz girl plz just even a tid bit!and fyi I’m not a fan of make up and if she was anymore darker we would confuse her with whoopy #justsayin


    Vacay vacay vacay RiRi. U deserve it. Enjoy ur break b 4 u get back to ur gruelling schedule. CHEERS IS TOP 10 THIS WEEK! Yeah baby.

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