Who Wanna Rumble With The B, Huh? People That Have Thrown Shade On Beyonce

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beyonce mad

King B always has people throwing rocks at the throne. Which celebrities have sent their insults in her direction?

Beyonce is no stranger to haters. They seem to be everywhere at once. Here are some of the most famous haters that Beyonce has had. Were they justified or just sour grapes? You decide.

etta james

Etta James – Etta’s dementia may have caused her anger, but she sure was throwing that shade straight in Bey’s face for the way she sang “At Last” during the Inaugural dance. Etta even said she’d kick Bey’s a$$! Don’t mess with Etta.

destinys child

The OG Destiny’s Child Members – Beyonce got all the blame when her daddy broke up Destiny’s Child (note: singular) to make a more truncated group. Soon, the old members not named Kelly were all throwing shade straight at the lead singer.


Cam’Ron – It seems that now when rappers diss Jigga, Bey is going to be collateral. Cam was dissing Hov and calling him the Camel cigarrettes mascot before saying that he was chopping down Bey when she was featured on one of his tracks. Hard to imagine Bey would ever do a song with Cam much less let him get the drawls, but that was his claim.

keri hilson

Keri Hilson – This heffa. Out of the blue she started dissing Ciara and Beyonce in a not so subliminal manner. Fake Beyonce Light, though, didn’t garner any attention from the real deal, so it was all for naught. Good try, Keri.


Pink – She went around dissing every female singer on her level but took it to a new level with Beyonce by dressing up like her in concert and performing “Stupid Girls”. Damn, what did B ever do to you?

the church

The Church – Bey was criticized by the Black church for the way that she professes her love for God, but still shakes her tailfeather like her name should be Champagne in the Boom Boom Room. The church used to give Bey a hard time, but she seems to be back in their good graces.

lady gaga

Lady Gaga – Rumors were spreading that Bey was calling Gaga tacky for the ridiculous outfits she was wearing at awards shows to take the attention away from BEYONCE! Gaga responded (allegedly) by calling Bey a simple “hater”. Cat fight!

lil wayne

Lil Wayne – We all heard the diss. Weezy sent shots at Jay, then followed by saying he’d kidnap Bey and hold her for ransom. Damn, that’s too far! (c) Kanye

bey dad

Mr. Knowles – Actually, Daddy Knowles hasn’t ever thrown shade on Beyonce, but some feel he’s done his part to ruin her professional life. Thank goodness B fired him. Just wait until he drops his tell-all book. Be he’ll throw some dirt then.


Aretha Franklin – When Beyonce called Tina Turner “the queen,” Aretha got her panties in a bunch saying that she’s the one and only queen. Aretha was all offended. Calm it down, Aretha.


America – When it was reported that Beyonce was dancing around for terrorists’ kids for birthdays, America was ready to put her on the most wanted list. Then we found out she donated it all and all was good. But the whole country was throwing 50 states worth of shade all over the star.


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