When Pigs Fly: Evelyn Lozada Wants A Low-Key Wedding

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Evelyn Lozada Says She'd Like A Small Intimate Wedding

Well, would you look at that?

Somehow, being in one of the most made-for-drama-attention-and-reality-TV relationships in history has made Evelyn Lozada humble and reserved. She doesn’t even want her big day to be a big day.

Lozada does not want to enter “the most glamorous, richest wedding of the century” competition, along with Kim Kardashian and Petra Ecclestone. On the contrary, she would prefer a more intimate ceremony. “I want something small, even though he wants something big”, the star confesses and gives her most important argument to support it: “I want something intimate. I’m 35, and we have five kids together. I don’t want anything over the top.”

Yeah? We don’t see the good folks at VH1 and the suits in charge of Chad and Evelyn’s finances letting that go down.


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