Who Looked More Bangin?? La La Vazquez Vs. Kate Winslet

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La La Vazquez and Kate Winslet Wearing Same Stella McCartney Dress

Here are both La La Vazquez and actress Kate Winslet rockin the same Stella McCartney dress at various events this past week.

You know we must ask……..Who Looked More Bangin???


  • shika

    Kate does because her shoes are better with dress and her haie up with the dress is a better choose, La looks good as well, I just think the shoes and the hair is better on Kate but La is prettier of course

  • T. Deronn

    I like La La, but Kate is killin that dress!!!!! Man!!

  • LisaLuvless

    **** you guys then. Where’s my comment I made from 7am this morning about this whack bish. You guys are madd biased,saying you can only hate on certain “celebrities”.

  • sepia830

    Kate all the way. LaLa tries too hard whereas Kate exudes confidence.

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