Modern Day Slavery!!! 24 Men Freed North Of London After Being Held Captive By Irish Travellers As Long As 15 Years!!!

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This is crazy. A group of men who were being held captive as laborers were rescued by police north of London this weekend — and some of them were in pretty bad shape.

Police north of London rescued 24 men Sunday who they said were being kept as slaves in filthy conditions at a trailer park site, Sky News reported.

Some of the men, who were in very poor health, had been held captive for as long as 15 years, police said.

Five people were arrested under suspicion of recruiting the men, who are mostly of English and Eastern European descent, from soup kitchens and benefit offices. The captors are suspected of shaving the mens’heads, taking away their cell phones and forcing them to work for free, the Associated Press reported.

“They were generally the most vulnerable people in society, who can disappear and be held here without anyone knowing they were missing,” investigator Sean O’Neil told Sky News.

“Generally they were held in dirty, filthy conditions, hardly any food, no replacement clothing, as compared to their gangmasters who were living in almost palatial backgrounds.”

Police said they were alerted to the squalid conditions by 28 people who had escaped the Leighton Buzzard site, 45 miles northwest of London.

The slave camp was reportedly run by Irish travellers, a subset of English and Irish residents who live as modern-day nomads.

All of the rescued men will get medical care before they are interviewed, police said.

Dang… We know about those “Irish travellers” from “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” and they’re always crying about being discriminated against. SMH @ them making people slaves and isht.


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