SMH: NYC Police Commish Ray Kelly Ain’t Even Mad At The One-Time For Getting Their Labor Day Parade Freak On!!!

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Ray Kelly and Dirty Dancing cops

No Cop Blocking from the Commish! Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says he would rather his officers hadn’t been dirty dancing with scantily clad West Indian parade goers but he’s not really trippin’ either.

In a radio interview Tuesday with the John Gambling Show on WOR 710, Kelly said:

I prefer it didn’t happen but I don’t want to make too much of it. It was the 44th anniversary of the West Indian Day Parade. I’ve been to perhaps 30 of them. They are unique. They are unusual. Those young women certainly approach the police officers and they get caught up in the .. the spirit of it. It’s quite an unusual parade.

Our only thing is, weren’t hella folks getting shot up while these guys were busy getting their grind on?


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