Reality Check: The Poverty Rate For Single Mothers Is 7 Times As Much As Married Couples, Twice As Much As Single Dads

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Study Shows Poverty Rate For Single Mothers Is Much Higher Than That Of Single Fathers Or Married Parents

Don’t get all in your feelings ladies: we’re just stating actual factuals.

And we have a graph to back it up:

Study Shows Poverty Rate For Single Mothers Is Much Higher Than That Of Single Fathers Or Married Parents

And an explanation…

Even before the Great Recession began, poverty rates for single moms and dads were much higher than for married families. The economic weakness of the past few years has only made things worse for parents raising kids on their own.

Nearly 41 percent of single-mother families with children under 18 were living below the poverty line in 2010, according to the Census data.

Single fathers with kids under 18 also were struggling, with about 24 percent of those families living below the poverty line.

By comparison, just around 9 percent of married couples with kids under 18 fell below the poverty line last year.

The Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund, which first noted the discrepancy, also pointed out that there has been a gender gap in the poverty rate since such measures began.

It’s a different story for single parents in many other developed countries. Poverty rates for children of single parents were much lower in Western European countries including Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, according to the group, which used data from the mid-2000s, before the recession began.

Germany and Canada, like the United States, had relatively high levels of poverty among children of single mothers, according to the group, which is “dedicated to advancing the rights of all women and girls.”

Just a little something to think about…


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