Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Is Back In A Bikini Already!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Bow Wow's daughter's mother Joie Chavis orange bikini

Yoooooo we gotta salute this woman! Model Joie Chavis, aka Bow Wow’s baby’s mother has been getting it IN! Instead of moping over Shad, homegirl has gotten her a$$ into high gear and has been sharing her journey back into tip-top shape via Twitter and her Tumblr account.

Joie Chavis

She posted the above photo of herself in an orange bikini last week — just two months after giving birth to little Shai.

How did she do it? Continue to find out.

Bow Wow's baby mom Joie Chavis working out

Hiking L.A.’s popular Runyon Canyon is one of Miss Joie’s favorite ways to get fit. Seems like she’s constantly tweeting about it.

joie chavis bike and hike

Joie at runyon w/ bro and sis

Joie walking at runyon

Joie Chavis

Step class has also been another big factor for the young mother.

Miss Joie does advanced step class

Check out this video of her getting it in below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

JOie tweets her food

Looks like she’s been treatin’ herself a lil bit here and there too, though.

You deserve it girl. We’ve never seen somebody who loves working out so much!

joie chavis talks about goign to the gym setp 6

Joie Chavis talks about her workout

joie chavis talks about fainting during workout

Joie Chavis talks about workout

Bow Wow and Joie Chavis' daughter Shai Moss

Errything isn’t %100 rosy for the beauty though.

Bow Wow's daughter's mother Joie Chavis tweets about her baby

We’re not even gonna speculate what that one was about. Congratulations on your lil bundle of joy, Joie and keep up the good workouts!

Check out more of Miss Joie’s photos and tweets on the next page.


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  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Wow….she bounced right back! She still got that “I just had a baby” stomach but it’s nothin’ a lil’ sit-ups can’t do! No shade tho….. She looks great!

  • ChicaChe


  • hey


  • 1ofakind

    Yes she does look nice but she is not the only person that bounced right back after giving birth. Its genetics sometimes. Not every1 has 2 work it off.

  • bake

    dont worry everyone she’ll pop some mo’ babies out soon!

  • myeisha

    dont worry yall she’ll pop some mo’ babies out soon!

  • Petri

    This chic deserves no recognition…. Please stop giving these low rent d-list rapper baby mamas shine! The only thing she’s accomplished was bow wows inability to wear a condom!!! These dumb b*#ches have not earned the right to temperally become celebrities. What happened to talent??

  • meeka

    Petri….my words exactly!

  • Mila

    1.Can we PLEASE stop reffering to her as a “model”,she’s every bit of 5’2,maybe 5’3…what is she modeling;;baby gap?Yeah uhm no let’s just stick to her actual role “babymama”.2.WHY do we care about some D list rappers baby’s mom?We don’t even care about bow wow,so why would we care about this woman?Ijs…


    I’m about to beat my meat!

  • brimama86

    Big whoop. I had my baby on July 31st & fit back into my jeans when I left the hospital (I’m 5’9 & weigh 148). I didn’t have Bow Wow to cut me a child support check so I was back to work the 2nd week of August. She looks good but why is this news???

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