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According to Livesteez, this good for nothing pinktoe, William Walsh, choked his wife to death after she called him on having a side piece:

A New York man confesses to police that he choked his wife, a special needs teacher, to death, dumped her body in the woods and then faked a crime scene so it looked like she was kidnapped, police said today. William Walsh, 29, killed his wife Leah after an argument early Sunday morning over his infidelity, cops said. He then intentionally went about his business all Sunday so he could establish an alibi. With his dead wife in the house, the calculating killer spent Sunday doing laundry and lunching at a local McDonald’s, says police, reports the NY Post. “Sometime after darkness, he prepared for the removal of Leah from her home, where she lay dead the entire day,” Nassau County Homicide Detective Lt. John Azzata said today at a press conference. He put his wife into the foot well area compartment of her vehicle, her black Ford Focus, and drove around Long Island, looking for a pace to dump the body.”

The legal system really needs to make an example out these Scott Peterson types. You kill your wife because you got caught cheating? Kill yourself.



  • Hannibal (NAA MEK MI VEX, MON!)

  • Special K

    I never understood why people go to such lengths I mean if I am making oyu that upset hell just divorce me please… Killing is not the answer.. IDIOT IMP

  • bae19

    lmao @ hannibal

  • bae19

    lmao@ hannibal

  • lala#1

    Hmmmm. so sad indeed.Way too many husbands and/or boyfriends killing their wives/ lovers this week…

    Is there a full moon out or something??

    I think I am just going to stay single.. probably a better chance of seeing my retirement age that way!

  • Souljagir

    Dang his jump off must of had some killa puss.

    Nah, on everything he was out of his head! I am sure his wife would have prefered her to stay with his jump off in fact move in with the chick if it would have meant being alive right now! Sick men of the world!

  • Ermy Erm

    Mad world we live in…smh. what is da f’n point of killing her? i mean you the one who was messing around on HER. men are such f’n cowards i swear!


    I guess just leaving wasn’t a option huh? SMDH!

  • ShavonDenise

    “You kill your wife because you got caught cheating? Kill yourself.” LMAO!! I know thats right! Thats ass backwards! This is a sick world, or should I say aint sh*t nothing to do with the world, its the people who live in it. Parents please teach your kids coping skills so they will know that life will have adversity and can deal with it instead of murdering everybody that makes them mad.

  • Book Worm

    Why kill your wife because you got caught cheating? He went too far in the heat of the moment. Now instead of him getting busted, being embarrased and possibly getting a divorce – he’s going to jail and probably get busted….in da ass!

  • shyhomie

    This cat should’ve just left, wtf!!!

  • hot sauce's mild sauce part of the sauce family

    ok this mofo got on tv crying and sobbing with his lying fake as8 sself and come to find out he killed his wife, now did the neighborhood have something 2 do with this, was he on drugs, did he sell drugs, what a fake liar boy white folks i tell u . just goes 2 show u this mess doesnt only happen in the hood u ignorant as8 idiots, its not the hood its the dumb as8 people and dumb comes in all colors!

  • hot sauce's mild sauce part of the sauce family

    he cried and lied white folks are the biggest liars and did the neighborhood have something to do with this, did he sell drugs?

  • Mrs. Philly...In a city of Champs...

    This is so sad…

    She did not deserve to be cheated on let a lone killed.

  • Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies

    goshhh, soundz like an episode of Desperate Housewives

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