MiMi and Nick Sitting in a Tree

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Pop the hood for more in the adventures of Mimi and Nick and even Kim K dressed as Superwoman hosting PAMA’S Halloween Masquerade at Stone Rose. You know you want to


  • Scary Ass Rodney

    1st snitchez

  • Scary Ass Rodney

    Kim K is the sexiest woman alive .. Mariah needs to GO AWWWWAAYYYYY!!!!

  • much_luv

    That looks like a very strained kiss. Her lips are tensed and he is trying hard to pretend to enjoy it.

  • punkybrewster


  • ATXChick

    Yeah I have to agree Mariah and Nick do look cute I was digging that fireman and firewomen costume. However Kim K looks odd I mean the costume would look cute on someone else its just something about her maybe its the pounds of makeup she has on. IDK

  • Hotstuff

    Isn’t Kim tired of wearing that outfit???

  • Seeker

    Kim is WonderWoman.

  • KILO

    Many said Mariah and Nick would be split by now. Look like Nick is keepin dem panites nice and soaked to me.

  • Nita

    that’s his mom? she looks good.

  • Divalicious

    mariah looks good, she’s almost 40 and looks better that most ya’ll scuttlebutts who weigh and Oprah and a Queen Latifah at half her age.. quit hatin and pray u look that good in 15 years

  • The Original Old School Playa From The Himalayas

    Nick Cannon’s mama can get it!


    Kim looks trannyish on these pics…Nick and Mriah…ugh, get a room for Pete’s sake


    Kim looks trannyish on these pics…Nick and Mariah…ugh, get a room for Pete’s sake

  • She got her own

    They are sooo cute together!!!

    F UUUUUUU to all the hatin ass people who said they werent going to last….

    I dont see too many other couples having fun like this constantly!! MiMi’s hair is FIERCE!!! and so are BOTH those outfits!!

  • Davina

    Mariah needs to find a real MAN_ not a toy boy assistant. They’re ridiculous

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