Rih-Cycling? Did RihRih Swagger Jack Her Brazilian Balcony Scene From Beyonce???

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beyonce and rihanna wave from the fasano hotel balcony Leave it to the stans to remind us that RihRih's lil balcony scene was reminiscent of somebody else...Beyonce! BeyBey stayed at the Fasano Hotel in February 2010 when she and Alicia Keys were shooting the "Say It In A Love Song" video and someone was kind enough to make a side by side comparison with some remarks: One of Bey's fans tweeted the image and we had to post and ask your thoughts. Did Rihanna copy Bey??? no Before you say yes, consider some other celebs who have also been photographed from the famous Brazilian balconies at the Fasano.
Julianne Moore the fasano hotel balcony Actress Julianne Moore and her kids
Diddy the fasano hotel balcony Diddy
alessandra ambrosio the fasano hotel balcony Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio
John Travolta and Kelly Preston the fasano hotel balcony John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston
Alicia Keys the fasano hotel balcony Alicia Keys
Gisele Bundchen the fasano hotel balcony Gisele

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