For Discussion: How Far Would You Go To Find A Husband? Would You Marry A Bi-Sexual Man?

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Dating in the black community is always a topic that is up for discussion especially with the constant focus on black women being single. Certain statistics show that there are 86 single men to 100 single women but what about those guys that swing both ways… Are they counted twice — or not at all? But, if you decide to take them out the equation, then the number of single men lowers even more, so… What is a girl looking for love, marriage, children and family to do?

Say you’re out with your girls and you meet a guy that first captures your eye and then after a little conversation captures your mind. You exchange numbers and then the back and forth of getting to know each other begins. You agree to meet up and after that first meeting your blood gets to flowing and you both are really into each other. One date turns to Two then Three then Four…

Conversations start to become a little deeper but you’re already starting to believe that this person could be the one. Then comes to the “I really like you but there’s something I need to tell you… I’m Bi-sexual.”

Now this guy has everything you want in a man and more, he’s responsible, has stability, steady income, secure retirement, great credit, wants marriage, children and is ready to settle down with you but… he’s bi-sexual!

What do you do? He could be your Mr. Right so… Do you cancel him out or Do you give him a chance?

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