Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Did Sarah Palin Have A Crush On Her Daughter’s Baby Daddy Levi Johnston?

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You can’t be serious…

E! News caught up with Levi Johnston to talk about the release of his tell-all book, when he told us that now, looking back, it seems as though his ex-fiancée’s mother, Sarah Palin, had the hots for him.

“Even growing up my friends would always say that [Palin would flirt with him], it seems kind of weird. Then one of my publishers said she had a cougar crush on me!”

“I guess I’d say, ‘Yeah, I think she did.’ Now looking back and remembering what everyone said. She never touched me or anything like that! Now it kind of weirds me out thinking about it,” he says.

Well, it weirds us out, too.

Levi also goes on to say that he and Bristol Palin’s baby WASN’T an accident!

The music-video star also tells us that his son with Bristol Palin was no accident and that the young Dancing With the Stars alum wanted to have a baby after her mother had Trig.

A planned teenage pregnancy?

“Bristol wanted to have a baby,” he says, countering the Palins’ version of what happened. “It all happened on purpose.”

“I wasn’t tricked into it…I kind of went with it,” adds Johnston, adding that when he and Bristol briefly reconciled, they talked about having Baby No. 2.

So soon?

Explains Johnston: “She loves kids.”

This lil attention whoring bastard is really reaching now. Don’t get it twisted, in light of recent news we don’t put ANYTHING past ol Swirlin’ Sarah, but damn! She’s your baby momma’s momma man!


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