Get Your Life Together: Antoine “Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife” Dodson Popped For Pumpin’ Music And Puffin’ Purple Pot

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Dude looks like a lady…

Antoine Dodson, Huntsville’s Internet sensation of 2010, was arrested Saturday night for failing to show up in court on an earlier marijuana arrest, according to Huntsville police. He bonded out of jail Sunday night.

Dodson, who scored major Internet fame for “The Bed Intruder Song,” an auto-tuned version of his TV rant about a break-in of his sister’s room in Lincoln Park, was initially stopped for playing music too loud in his car, police said. He was traveling on Beard Street at 6:30 p.m. and playing music audible from more than 50 feet from the car, a violation of city ordinances.

Police stopped Dodson, 25, and ran a check for outstanding warrants. They found one for failure to appear in court on a second-degree marijuana arrest in April. Dodson was taken into custody, spent Saturday night in jail and bonded out Sunday about 6 p.m. on a $516 bond.

Hide ya pot, go to court…SMH


Ah hell, why not…

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