Turn It Off: The Worst Black Television Shows Of All Time

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house of payne We've doled out our fair share of love to great Black TV shows...but it's time to throw shade at the less-than-stellar programs. While there have been great shows like "Fresh Prince" and "A Different World," there have also been some stinkers. Take a look.
homeboys in outer space Homeboys In Outer Space - Ding! Ding! Ding! This show wins the double prize for being dumb as hell AND racist. Who even thought it would be a good idea to let this mess fly? No pun intended.
under the hood Under The Hood - Flavor Flav? FLAVOR FREAKING FLAV?! The man can barely string a sentence together, but asking him to act? That's just stupid. This show lasted seven minutes into its first episode.
house of pain House Of Payne - Sorry Tyler, but this show is just embarrassing. Anyone else hate watching the NBA Playoffs on TBS and seeing that little munchkin dancing around on the bottom of the screen? And they're giving this show like five seasons in advance? Make it end!
red and meth Red and Meth - This was a show about people getting high. Made by people that got high. For people that get high. The rest of us that stay sober couldn't find a single funny line.
the magic hour The Magic Hour - While he may not be the same type of clown, Magic Johnson is damn near as horrible to watch as Flavor Flav. He can't string together two words and he had the worst jokes in the history of television. His monologues were sad enough to make a grown man cry. Good thing nobody watched.
vibe Vibe - Sinbad is a funny comedian. Hilarious even. He was a great host at Apollo. But that Vibe show? Every single person that came on the show seemed awkward. It just never flowed. At least it was better than Magic Johnson's show. Not by much.
desmond pfeiffer The Secret Diary Of Desmond Pfeiffer - Thank goodness this show never saw daylight. A show about Abraham Lincoln's slave? You have got to be out of your mind to think this was a good idea! Way to piss off Black America.
george foreman George - George Foreman. He deserves a TV show now? Good thing he had his day job of cranking out that grill that cooks delicious low-fat grilled chicken. But asking him to act? He should have just punched himself in the face.
one on one One On One - Oh hi. It's Flex again. Tell us any joke on "One On One" that made you laugh. Any? Nope. Didn't think so.
cedric the entertainer Cedric The Entertainer Presents - Ced is funny. Variety shows are funny. But Cedric The Entertainer's variety show was not. No wonder it lasted a couple of months. We don't blame you for not watching.

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