Isht Is About To Get Real: Cornel West Joins The Protests On Wall Street

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cornel west

Wall Street has been a big mess for the last week or so with protests going on, but things are about to get taken up a notch.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been a major event with protesters taking to the streets to rebel against corporate greed that has dominated the country and ruined our economic structure. Police have shown up and maced, beaten and arrested protesters almost every day. But now business is about to pick up.

Scholar and speaker, Cornel West has shown up and is ready to start a ruckus. He’s already dropped knowledge about the current state of affairs:

“The top 10 percent got 100 percent of income growth. That’s pathological. You can’t sustain a democracy when you have that kind of wealth inequality.”

West is going to be leading a meeting tonight to rile the troops and continue organize. Stay tuned because this can be interesting.


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