Muhfugga Can You Buy That?!: 10 Of The Worst ‘As Seen On TV’ Products EVER!

- By Bossip Staff Categories: Blast From the Past, Did You Know, For Your Viewing Pleasure
A fool and his/her money are soon parted... We've all had a night where we were up late and flippin' channels on TV and come across some of the most ridiculous, "who the hell buys this isht", type of products that either make you laugh hysterically or shake you head in disbelief. Lucky for you, we have gathered up some of the most unbelievably stupid and giggle-til-you-pee-yourself products that some entrepreneurial "genius" has tried to push to us through a TV ad. Flip the pages and have laugh...or two!
The Potty Patch
Kush Support
Fridge Locker
The Better Marriage Blanket
Booty Pop
The Broccoli Wad
Instant Arm Lift
The Citikitty
The Back-Up

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