Suspect Side Eye News Of The Day: Ex Assistant Reveals Twitter DM’s Between Zesty Male Singer And Breezy

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Chris Brown songwriter Martyn

We don’t really buy this, but it’s such pure comedy we had to share it with you. Yesterday we received the following message via email from someone claiming to be the former assistant of an R&B singer named Martyn:

Me and 2 others were Martyn’s personal assistants… Well i am the one mostly on his computer and office computer when we travel and a few weeks ago he forgot to log out of his twitter account and guess what? i took screen shots of his tweets with Chris Brown and sent them to my email. I knew this would be handy. I have actual real screen shots of his mac’s screen and twitter account and him messaging Chris Brown. They talk about their sexual encounters, bash Fox news and Good morning america, etc…this is what Martyn gets… now the world can know about them. I took 6 or 7 pictures and put them in a zip file. Martyn is very demanding, used to order us around, itchbay all the time, so who cares if he writes songs with major shots and big names, that dont mean his own album will sell. He lucky i did not plunge my nails in his face and bodyguards. His twitter does not have pictures of him, go to his website get pictures and put him and Chris Brown on Blast!!!! yeah apparently Trey Songz and Omarion slept with him too. Put them on blast dont hold back.


We’re not quite sure who this Martyn character is but his ex-assistant has released these scandalous screen shots of her former boss supposedly talking to Breezy about getting it poppin’ for the peen and screaming EFF Fox News while still giving his alleged booty buddy business advice. SMH. We’re not sure how real this is but we can’t help but laugh at how crazy it all sounds.

Peep the next page to read more of the juicy DM’s and f**kery…


  • Pookie

    But Bossip, why can’t you believe it? The EVIDENCE is all there in black and white, hahaa

  • whitwhit

    I am the biggest cb fan…gasp..gasp…gasp..*covers mouth*…Idk what to believe….my co-worker slay because I like him so much..they always say he’s gay!!!???!!!…well it don’t matter if he’s gay he’s still a great performer…..

  • LadyK

    A kid could’ve come up with more convincing dialog. I’m not a CB fan but, this has to be the DUMBEST attempt at sabotage ever. I’d even give them a redo to come up with something better…

  • meme

    Photoshop can make me have a dm convo with a celeb too. First mistake this guy made, he types Chris Browns messages exactly the way he types his own….those messages are clearly typed by the same person. Study Chris’s page. …not the same way. Look at the messages. It is almost like ONE person is having the convo. The way the sentences are written and the wording is the same. No two people will have a convo And type exactly the same. This guy is desperate for fame. And some of u fools believe everything u read.

  • Shadi

    I believe Trey is but def not breezy:)

  • yonnie pooh

    Isn’t Chris offical twitter @Mechanical Dummy …… Major fail….somebody from Rihanna’s Navy did this!

  • Kay

    I knew he was gay! Lol

  • mel

    It’s the same person in both convos.big mistake in putting this together,they didn’t put ANY time in between the responses.there back to back within seconds.

  • lmao

    I CALL BS!!! Brezzy is not gay!

  • Truth

    The funny thing is a lot of people think Trey is gay, but Chris is really the gay one. It’s the reason he stays in a relationship with some girl. It is a great cover up.

  • T-Barz

    Wooooooow! I Really Don’t Believe This…. Only Way I’d Believe It Is If He Actually Had A Video Of Him Signing In To Twitter And Looking At His DM’s… And Then Clicking On Chris Browns Page Through The DM’s… That Convo Was Super Gay Though… SMH

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  • james

    Obviously this shit is fake, but its hilarious. Look at the way this martyn character says he will expose this in an interview the first chance he gets if they ask him about Chris and that he’s bi and proud. Then martyn proceeds to say delete this shit I don’t want it to get out. Really? Come on people. And I like the random name drops of other gay or rumored to be gay celebs to try and make it convincing. I haven’t been a fan of Chris till he started to nut up and make fan of a fan and started to actually spit. If you guys were his “fans” since day one ya’ll wouldn’t believe this shit.

  • whitwhit

    Well I never said that I believe it!! I was being sarcastic! And I also stated.. even if he was “gay” I would still like him..regardless of his sexuality! Idk and should everyone else care..that’s him…but anyone who can read tell its fake!!🙂 plus he said his lawyers were about to take care of this so!! There you go!

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