Tweet Of The Day: Ashton Kutcher Says Y’all Don’t Know Nan! So STFU

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Ashton Kutcher is rumored to be having marital problems as news breaks out of a possible affair with 23-year-old Sara Leal who has similar looks to this girl pictured with the actor in June

Or something to that effect. Obviously all the media scrutiny about his marriage falling apart and his alleged cheating having something to do with it is getting to Ashton Kutcher. After new photos (see above and below) were released of Ashton seen in the company of a young blonde who either is or resembles alleged jumpoff Sara Leal, Ashton tweeted the following:

Ashton Kutcher Tweets

Yeah yeah yeah… Gotta love those generic non specific denials. Which part did we assume incorrectly Ashton? That you and your wife are on the outs? Or that you chopped down that lil blonde homewrecker?

Oh… and the blonde in these photos that may or may not be Sara Leal was photographed with Ashton June 1st. On a different night out without the wife. SMH!

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