A “Lil’ Positivity” Gone Bad: Waka Flocka Hosts Successful Charity Bowling Event, Then Catches Fade With Random “Rapper”

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Celebrities Attend Waka Flocka Charity Bowling Event

We have got to do better…

Waka Flocka took advantage of the arrival of a bunch of BET Hip-Hop Awards attendees in Atlanta to try to raise money for the less fortunate with Mizzay Entertainment and Bricksquad Monopoly’s First Annual Celebrity Bowling competition.

During the event, Waka announced that for every strike bowled during the event, he would donate $50 out of pocket to the Ludacris Foundation. Then his mother Deb Antney introduced the Mizay Entertainment 2011 Homes for the Holidays Program, during which she plans to donate 10 brand new homes to families headed by a single parent or grandparent.

And then all hell broke loose. Because Black folks don’t like for other Black folks to have anything.

According to Waka’s PR team…

To be clear, while taking one of many photos with a fans during the evening, an artist who had previously been under his helm approached him with malice, words were said and our client was forced to defend himself. The aftermath, though dramatic, left no one seriously injured and saw the majority of the crowd dispersed without incident.

After working with security to ensure that all parties had safely departed the property, (Ludacris’ mom) noted that when the craziness began, she asked security “if there was a gun”. When they assured her that there were no weapons involved. She instructed her team to keep on playing and let the security do their jobs.”

SMDH. At the charity event though?

Pics below of the fun that was had by all before one-time had to break out the pepper spray over this fighting nonsense.


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