What’s The “Booty Boycott” And Are You Strong Enough To Do It?!

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Could you turn that down if it meant bettering yourself?

Bartell Keithle has a plan to help you get your life together. He proposes that everyone take part in a “booty boycott”. Essentially, people would abstain from sex on the weekends to refocus their lives and better themselves. He believes that couples can get a closer, intimate connection if they abstain during the weekend and singles can focus on themselves and their plans.

He also believes that couples that abstain can focus on other things like dating and getting to know each other instead of just taking it straight to the sack.

This sounds really nice, but how many people you think will be playing hooky just to get some of dat a$$ during the week? The economy is no joke and people can’t get fired for trying to take Thursday nooners. Still, this seems like a novel idea.

Do you think you could last with a booty boycott? Sound off.

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