Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife: Four Loko Is Coming Back!

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four loko

Remember Four Loko? Probably not, since drinking it makes you blackout drunk. But it’s baaaaaaack.

After the FTC came down on Four Loko, having it pulled from so many major retailers, we’ll see a new type of Four Loko design.

Now, it will come with a notice that it contains 11 or 12 percent alcohol content, up from the four percent that the basic can of beer has. Four Loko is essentially three to four times as potent as beer and the 23 ounce size makes it the equivalent of four or five beers. The new label also announces that there’s no longer caffeine. It will also come with a top that allows people to close the can so they don’t have to try to drink the whole damn thing at once and die immediately.

Will you be trying to drink Four Loko now that it’s a bit more safe?


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