Can’t Get Over Youuuuuuu! These Stars Went Sorta Crazy After Their Break-Ups

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chris brown

You know what people love to see? Break-ups. However, it’s just ugly to see when people can’t handle them.

Here are some celebrities that totally freaked out after dealing with a rough break up. Let’s give them a coke and a smile.

kanye west

Kanye West – Ooohhh you so sensitive. Yeezy made a whole sad album when his fiancee broke up with him and he acted sort of like a douchebag about the Amber Rose thing. Kanye is all about his heartbreak.


Eminem – Em spent 10 years killing his wife on wax after their break up. Then he got back with her. Then he killed her some more. Don’t fizzuck with Eminem’s heart, yo.

chris brown

Chris Brown – Dude went crazy after Rihanna left. He dyed his hair, fawned over that poor girl and lashed out. He’s still singing songs about her in his sleep.


Diddy – Remember sad, hopelessly romantic Diddy? The “I Need A Girl” itchbay Diddy? Yeah, he totally went out like a tool over J. Lo. But he isn’t the only one.

marc anthony

Marc Anthony – He’s been all depressed and sad since J. Lo took her assets to another team. It’s probably from the fact that he knows he’ll never get that piece of tail again.


Shaq – Diesel doesn’t understand the rules of the pimp ish. He tried to stalk his jump off and even had a restraining order come out of it. At least he now has Hoopz and their wholesome, fairtyale Shrek/Princess relationship.

joe budden

Joe Budden – He cries like a baby and goes into petty Twitter rants every time a woman breaks his little heart. He makes long, dramatic a$$ songs and allegedly shows up on doorsteps asking for marriage. Not gangsta.


Nas – Nas has a good reason to be upset. Freaking Kelis wanted something like $50,000 a month! Yeah, we’d be pretty pissed too. Can’t wait to hear his songs about this situation.

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush – Kim cried over Reggie. Reggie cried over Kim. Reggie wept and tried to text a reconciliation with Kimmy Cakes. These two will still probably end up together one of these days.

camille grammar

Camille Grammar – Kelsey kicked her immediately to the curb and nowhere else. He just continued being a bachelor and executive producing some of the cult classic shows on television.

jennifer anniston

Jennifer Aniston – Anyone else still get the feeling that she hasn’t quite recovered from Brad Pitt kicking her to the curb? She’s just been bounced around from guy to guy since then. And Brad is still ishing on their marriage to boot. Bad form.

tiger woods

Tiger Woods – He just lost it all after Elin left his cheating a$$. Tiger can’t even swing a golf club anymore. It’s starting to become quite the shame.


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