Tight Squeeze: A Gallery Of Guys That Have Gone Ham Wearing Skinny Pants!

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Dude, you look like a lady…

This latest fashion trend might be one of the most polarizing ever! There are those that say that grown men should not be wearing super-baggy pants saggin’ below their man cakes. Then there are those who feel that wearing skinny pants is not only unmanly, but possibly a sign of homosexuality. Whichever side you stand on this issue one thing is clear, skinny pants are here and don’t seem to be going away any time soon.

In 2008, on the song “Swagger Like Us”, Jay-Z famously quipped that he couldn’t “wear skinny jeans ‘cuz my knots don’t fit”. While his current lyrical rival Lil Wayne, in the song “Right Above It”, says “Skinny pants and some Vans” is the way he wants to live his life (aye, aye, ayeeee).

Fellas, do you feel the need to tighten up your pants a lil bit as you’ve gotten older and more mature?

Ladies, do you think men wearing tight pants is a turn-off? Do you feel that such a man could possibly be gay for wearing them??

Flip through the following pages and peep some of you favorite rappers rockin’ their favorite pair of nut-huggers

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