Are You Serious?: Kim Kardashian Says “Oklahoma Thunders… That’s A Real Team?!?”

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may know how to make money but no one ever said she was the smartest cookie of the bunch. Ryan Seacrest chopped it up with Kim on his radio show about when she and Kris would start making babies.

Here’s the flow of convo:

Ryan Seacrest:Kris said when you first met, he saw you being the mother of his kids. When will he see that?

Kim K: I think we want to figure out where he’s gonna play and where he’s gonna live.

Ryan Seacrest: What if he signed with the Oklahoma Thunder? What would you do?

Kim K: Is that a real team? Khloe, have you heard of that team?…


Kim K: I would go to Oklahoma City … we’re not going to live a separate life.

SMH… Grant it, Oklahoma is not that big of a deal but Kevin Durant is! At least she would move there… Is Oklahoma exciting?!?

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