Seen On The Protestin’ Scene: Yeezy And His Gold Grills Visit Occupy Wall Street

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Kanye West wears his gold grills to the Occupy Wall Street protests in NYC

With that shady BDR character… SMH. They must’ve heard there was lots of white women down there.

Our homeslices over at the New York Observer posted some photos of Perpetual Professional Bandwagon Jumper Russell Simmons bringing his wallet flexing “poet” friend Kanye West by the “Occupy Wall Street” protests and we thought we’d share:

Yes, that Kanye West—the one with the $25,000 chains and small child-sized Horus-head-as-bling pieces—dropped into Occupy Wall Street today. He was apparently accompanied by Def Jam founder Russell Simmons, who Tweeted “kanye west is on his way to #occupywallstreet” with this photo:

Russell Simmons and Kanye West visit Occupy Wall Street

It sounds like it was sheer pandemonium, though no definitive accounts other than plenty of pictures and “he was here, and then he left” have yet to come through.

And so it is: Kanye West gets added to the list of celebrities (Susan Sarandon, Jeff Mangum, Michael Moore, Talib Kweli) who have dropped into Occupy Wall Street who are not Thom Yorke.

These ninjas ain’t even in the 99%, are they? Last time we checked they was ballin’ so hard, you know…

And we could probably pay off all our student loans combined with the gold in Ye’s mouth. Just sayin’!

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