SMH: Stranger Rescues Kimmy Cakes’ Doofus Hubby By Returning Wedding Band He Lost In Airport!

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries at the airport without his wedding band

Kimmy Cakes’ dude is such a loser… like literally. Kris Humphries nearly left his $10K wedding band behind at the TSA checkpoint during a recent visit to the Minnesota-St.Paul airport. Fortunately somebody else was nice enough to return it.

According to TMZ reports:

Kim Kardashian’s husband just avoided every married man’s nightmare — the ole, “Where the [bleep] is your ring?” convo — when his $10,000 wedding band went missing … temporarily.

Kris Humphries can thank a fellow traveler (above) for finding his ring at a TSA checkpoint in Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on Friday.

Sources close to Kris tell us the drama started when he had to take off his Lorraine Schwartz designed ring to go through the metal detector. We’re told Kris accidentally dropped the ring while putting it back on — but luckily the guy behind Kris recognized him as “Kim’s husband.”

The good samaritan — and “Keeping up With the Kardashians” fan — tells TMZ he got down on his hands and knees, searched for the ring, found it … and returned it to Kris.

SMH. Thanks to the lockout this dude is already unemployed, it ain’t like he can afford to be losing rings and isht. Oh wait, guess his wife can always buy him another one. Riiiiiiight?

Check out the photo of Kris with the Good Samaritan below:

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