What The Hell Were You Tweeting??? Kenyon Martin Wishes Full Blown AIDS And Death On All His Haters

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Kenyon Martin on the bench

Twitter is the devil. Kenyon Martin is the latest athlete to step out of bounds on Twitter. And boy did he pull a doozy.

Kenyon Martin tweets that he wishes his haters would catch AIDs and die

What’s that all about? Apparently Kenyon has been getting flack on Twitter over his $3 million contract to play in China for one season, while the lockout is in effect. Since his deal with Denver recently expired anyway — some of his haters were tweeting nasty comments saying lockout or no, Kenyon’s bum knee would have landed him in China anyway. Soooo apparently this tweet was Kenyon’s way of getting back at the naysayers. He’s since deactivated his Twitter account.

Yeah, take that haters…

We thought maybe it was that episode of “La La’s Full Court Life” where ex-girlfriend Trina gets on with her life with a blind date that sent him over the edge. SMH!

More irate tweets from K-Mart when you continue

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