Herman “Greater Than Godfather’s Pizza” Cain: “Obama Would Be No Contest, He Has Never Been Part Of The Black Experience”

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This Herman Cain character sure likes to throw tons and tons of shade at President Barack Obama:
<blockquoteHerman Cain previewed his Tuesday night debate plan: “I’m going after Romney. I’m not going after Perry. I don’t need to go after Perry," Cain said, per POLITICO's Juana Summers. Cain said he expected to take incoming fire over his "9-9-9" economic plan:

“The center of attention is going to be 9-9-9 because all of the questions are supposed to revolve around the economy.”

“All of them are going to try to attack me for this radical 9-9-9 plan. Here’s where they don’t have a chance, in all modesty. All of their economic proposals pivot off of the current tax code. You know that’s a non-starter. I’m going to basically say, if they attack me on 9-9-9, it’ll be a very easy pushback. I can explain it, I can defend it, we’ve had it scored and all of that.”

“I expect all of the attacks on me to be against my 9-9-9 plan.”

Cain also made this provocative claim about what a Cain-versus-Obama general election would look like (again via Juana):

Boortz, at the tail end of the interview, asks Cain how he’d do in a debate against Obama:

“It would almost be no contest.”

Ticking off ways he could compete with Obama, Boortz says that Cain would be able to talk about the black experience in America.

Cain’s response: “[Obama’s] never been a part of the black experience in America.”

Are y’all feelin Herman “I’m More Black Than Obama” Cain’s opinion or is dude just talking out of the side of his neck???




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