Does RihRih Re-Live Her Breezy Beatdown And Breakup In The “We Found Love” Video???

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Couple-Rihanna-Dudley-O’Shaughnessy-We-Found-Love copyna still

Is Rihanna still using her creative license to milk the most from the Breezy beating? After releasing not one but two songs with Eminem dedicated to domestic violence, then another even more violent song/video (“Man Down”) fans are now speculating that Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video may draw some inspiration from the incident as well.

Chris Brown Dudley

Not only did RihRih “hand-pick” this Dudley character, who bears quite the resemblance to young Christopher Maurice, to play her love interest in the video — but we’ve also seen lots of shots of a fight scene where RihRih flees from a car following a heated argument. Sounds familiar right?

And now she’s tweeted this:

Rihanna tweets about about we found love video

Which has us wondering what else she could be so damn emo about? Do you think it’s a good idea for RihRih to keep drawing from this experience? Or do you think it’s time she left it behind?

Check out more screen shots from the video below:


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