More Details on Shakir Stewart’s Suicide

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More information has come to surface concerning Stewart’s death:

On Sunday, Stewart’s family released a statement about the executive’s death. “We would like to thank Shakir’s friends for the tremendous outpouring of love and support we have received during this difficult time,” the statement from Stewart’s fiancée, Michelle Rivers, and family read. “It has helped us to cope with our overwhelming grief and sadness. It is difficult to express or explain in words what led to the tragic occurrence on Saturday. Over the past several weeks, Shakir’s behavior was inconsistent with the man we all know and love. As much as we all tried to help him, Shakir was in deep pain and largely suffering in silence. Please remember Shakir for who he was … a wonderful father, partner, son and friend.” According to Georgia’s Cobb County police, 34-year-old Stewart— who died Saturday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, reportedly shot himself with a handgun in the bathroom of his house on Lindsey Drive in Marietta, Georgia. Stewart was pronounced dead at Kennestone Hospital later that day. “Whatever happened over the past 24 hours is not a testament to who we all know,” Christopher Hicks, a music executive and longtime friend of Stewart, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Sunday. Police have not confirmed who found Stewart’s body, or any motives leading up to the suicide.

Judging from this article, it definitely sounds like there are some more details surrounding Shakir Stewart’s death that need to surface before anyone is going to get any closure.



  • Exxon300

    Lord have mercy.


    So sad!! May he finally be at peace!!

    Black males need to start having each others backs and shedding light on depression and the various things that go on with our men that don’t get the attention they should!!

  • Starchild

    Rest in Peace to the homie Shake. We love you.

  • Lisa

    I wish he would’ve opened up to his family and friends because those are the people that have to live with his decision.

  • P

    Lol @ SMDH, every issue is a great chance to criticize black males isn’t it? :)

  • Wakeupeople

    I just do not understand suicide, especially when you have a family to live for. He must have been going thru some hard stuff we can’t imagine.

  • Pynk

    Sad story… but who is this guy?


    “Lol @ SMDH, every issue is a great chance to criticize black males isn’t it? ”

    No – but its damn sure a chance to point out the lack of unity and support among the black race!! He clearly didn’t have a support network of strong black men showing him what he had to live for…

  • Bird

    No more details are needed and this news came out yesterday. We didn’t need a statement from the family to tell us this young man was depressed. I hope he is at peace now and I pray that God gives his family the strength to deal with this difficult situation and to forgive him for what his mental illness led him to do.

  • Bird

    For everyone that thinks his family could do anything to stop this, nothing could be further from the truth. Many suicides have sought the help of professionals and it still didn’t prevent their deaths. Coddling from family members is not a cure for depression. It is truly a tragedy when a mind snaps and we have no control over it, but obviously that is what has happened to this young man and not even his apparent fabulous lifestyle could prevent his mental decline. I don’t fault him one bit and am truly sorry for the unimaginable pain he must have experienced before his death.

  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign Its time for a Revolution

    So sad..RIP brutha

    Just like Kanye say “you can ask big homey, that the top so lonely”….SMH

  • Pynk


    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.

  • Kerry

    I agree with Bird, suicide is a serious situation that millions of americans struggle with. I personally know someone who recently committed suicide while on medication and seeking counseling. All you can do for them is let them know you are there no matter what. Ultimately it was his choice to take his life, and no questions that we have all asked will ever truly be answered, we just take it to the Lord in Prayer.

    Best to all

  • Nina Knows

    If this is the decision he thought was best for him, then I guess he got his wish. I dont have much sympathy for suicide victims. No doubt, he must have been troubled, but sometimes you must seek help, it doesnt always come running. Suicide to me, is a kind of cowardly way of going out. Death is never the answer. Whatever was bothering him, he let win.

    He was a father too, seems like his child would have been enough alone to live for.

    May his troubled mind be at some kind of rest.



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