Get Well: Rick Ross Suffered A SECOND Seizure On A Flight On Friday

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You can’t be serious…

According to TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned … Rick Ross’ private jet made an emergency landing in Birmingham, Alabama, 2 hours ago, en route to his concert in Memphis … and we found out he suffered another seizure.

It’s the second time today where a plane in which the rapper was a passenger made an emergency landing. We broke the story … Rick suffered a seizure this morning on a Delta flight that returned to the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Rick went to the hospital, was released, and then took off at 5:07 PM ET from Ft. Lauderdale to make his concert tonight in Memphis. But at 5:44 PM CDT, the plane was diverted and landed in Birmingham after Rick had a seizure on board.

Rick is currently in a Birmingham hospital emergency room. We do not know his condition.

Before Rick took off from Ft. Lauderdale, he tweeted a video showing he was ok.

Rick was supposed to be on stage in Memphis at 7:30 PM ET.

UPDATE: We’ve just confirmed with the hospital that Rick is in STABLE condition.

Despite Rozay being a lil snippy with our Jonesy we’re sending up prayers that he makes a speedy recovery.

Take care of yourself y’all. Isht is REAL!


  • AriesGirl504

    He better chill the hell out, cuz ain’t too much working you can do when you dead! He needs to take care of himself & relax for a while. Health comes first before any shows should.

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  • Regina Hinton

    Focus on getting well,the rap game needs u.

  • team nymphis

    “I gotta choppa in the car.but has anybody seen my defibrilator”?

  • faebae

    He needs to lose some Weight!!!!!!! Period!!! He can still be a boss and slim down some!

  • faebae

    He needs to lose some Weight!

  • IceCold

    Honestly I hope this guy dies

  • wow

    I mean honestly we all will die 1 day but to say u wish someone would die is just cruel. You will probably go before he will. Be careful what you wish for people.

  • honestly

    He isnt tupac I’m not worried. Nor will I remember him like john lennon

  • omg

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • Mila

    Some of y’all are just mean.How can you wish death on anyone?Let alone someone whom you have probably never met and more than likely will ever get to know on a personal level.He does need to lose weight though.

  • http://mobile Think B4 U Speak

    To wish death on someone is so cold. But what you wish bad on others always catches up with the yo coldhearted a$$ first. And just wat will ppl say about you at your funeral?

  • PrettiRed

    God is taking us away…people betta wake up and pay attention. And it don’t matter if you fat or skinny ugly or pretty…W3 ALL GOTTA GO ON3 DAY!

  • Rochelle Jackson

    Ricky Ross, without life there is nothing left but memories!!! With that being said, get well soon your fans need u… And for those of u whom wishes death on other, prayer is calling your name because when u dig ditches be sure to take cover first!!! We Love U Ross.

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