You Can’t Be Serious: The Most Ironic And Hilarious Mugshot T-Shirts Of All Time!! PART 2

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Sometimes you just bring isht on yourself…

Previously, we’ve brought BOSSIP nation galleries of funny mugshots, but recently we found a collection of pics of folks that damn near BEGGED to be arrested based on how they are dressed.

Peep the ridiculousness in PART 2!!

Flip the script to see exactly what we’re talkin’ about…

Well look where all you’re butt kicking got you…

Yes you have, and they have a special place for naughty girls.

Ninja huh? You look White to us.

You might not be Santa, but you jail cell will definitely be cold as the North Pole.

Clearly you didn’t outrun the cop, but you look like you chase the ice cream man…

Yup, you’re definitely in a shi**y situation.

Gotta love good ol’ fashioned irony.

You sir, have just saved the arresting officer some time.

If by “good man” you mean a man with a job, benefits, and likes to use handcuffs, then you’ve come to the right place!


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