Break Ups: Just In Time For A New Episode Of “Basketball Wives L.A.” Matt Barnes Confirms Split From Gloria Govan

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Matt Barnes and gloria govan

Do you think the relationship might have survived if reality tv hadn’t put such a spotlight on them???

Anybody think this isn’t REALLY the end?

Check out photos of the couple during happier times below:


  • knowsitall

    First. Didnt see that coming -_-

  • 7lady

    Well well well. Ms I have a solid relationship is now single. They tried to warn her dumb azz.

  • LadyM


  • Dee

    I knew this was going to happen when she was talking to lauren.and she said that she could comfortably say ” deuces” if need be.I, knew they was gone have problems..some things men don’t need to hear….atleast she’s gorgeous.move on

  • Blue Moon

    *gets ready for the party Evelyn and Shaunie r throwing* she was saying all that “they want what I/We have” look..she has what they have. Mmhhmmmm

  • La

    It’s never a good thing to see families split! Failures…poor kids.

  • mycalah

    I think this would have happened no matter what. It may have happened sooner bc they were on the show but I think it would have happened. There was something about them that did not seem right.

  • CocoLosoWasted!

    Surprise, surprise…NEXT!

  • givmeabrek

    Now who wants what Miss Thang has two kids wit no hubby….. hows it feel Gloria to look like an a** when Evelyn, Shaunie and Jen tried to warn u

  • loc

    Good for him now he can go find a good woman instead of messing with these groupie hoes.

  • Happy

    She is Laura’s SISTER. The fruit doesn’t fall too far from the branch. lol. Hopefully, for the kids sake, they can have a gOod relationship.

  • http://yah! ladya

    Tell the girls you were wrong on bbwla the first episode of bbwla he pushed you out the way on national tv its been time for this split

  • Anewme

    I’m sorry I just have to laugh! I knew this would happen because she was so fake about it all, and acting like everything was perfect! That was a red flag right there. Gloria you ain’t got to lie to kick it. No relationship is perfect!

  • Christielove1468

    Breakups are quite rough to experience,Gloria must feel silly for not pay heed to her friends warnings about Matt.

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