Quote Of The Day: Condoleezza Rice Admits That Shady George “Dubya” Bush Had A “Race Problem”

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condoleezza rice and george w. bush


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said President George W. Bush had a “race problem” during Hurricane Katrina, but she defended him against his critics who, she said, tried to use the “race card” against him, according to excerpts from her upcoming memoir, No Higher Honor, published in Newsweek. Rice, who grew up in racially segregated Birmingham, Ala., said in September 2005 that race and poverty came together “in a very ugly way” in the “Old South.”

However, in the memoir, she defended Bush against some who used the “explosive ‘race card’ to paint the President as a prejudiced, uncaring man.” “It was so unfair, cynical, and irresponsible,” she wrote.

It’s not the first time she has defended Bush’s handling of Katrina. In a 2009 appearance on “The View,” she said, “What really did make me angry was the implication that some people made that President Bush allowed this to happen because these people were black.”

We think Kanye West said it accurately when he said that good ole Dubya didn’t care about black people.



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