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You probably saw it live, but we feel compelled to address it. This is a video of Messy Jesse crying like a biatch when Obama became the president elect by a landslide. We can’t help but wonder if he boohoohooed out of pride that we’ve opened a new chapter with this historical moment or whether it was out of jealousy that it was not him and he still wants to rip off Obama’s sack? What do you think, Bossipers???

Since the President is indeed Black, here’s the newest from Jeezy and Nas called…”My President is Black.”


  • nue2this

    1st? Well, I couldn’t understand why he was crying either, maybe he felt like an azzhole for everything that he said… who knows….

  • sdfoweprw

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  • finally17nluvinit

    umm…did anybody else catch that white lady getting patted on her head like ” good girl”……lol

    nah,i think he was cryin 1/2 bc we made progress in american history and 1/2 bc he knows hes going to be blacklisted in washington now……

    jus a thought.

  • Candid Canuck

    str8 jealousy.. u can see on his face. He’s prolly thinkin: Damn if only I came across like that during my campaign, I may have attained a certain amount of relevancy…

    Bye Messy Jesse. Hi Hater. Sit your ho ass down. Buster!

  • That's Authentic Creole Baby

    i can’t tell why jesse is crying but my president black and my landlord’s too

  • nat

    Crying because of all his struggles with Martin Luther King Jr. to get us the right to vote amongst other things like equlaity as human beings, to finally see a black man become the president of the us. I could see why it torn him up emotionally, and I give him that even though he was hating on Obama prior.

  • Karen

    There’s something about knowing that I was busted talking shyt about the person who ended up become PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED FRICKING STATES that would make me cry too!

    I’d boo hoo my buns off as well.

  • RachelSophia

    I believe his tears are out of joy, he has seen a lot and he knows the injustice that has faced the black people and to stand there and see the ultimate dream come true is definitely something to so your emotions about, no mather what anyone thinks.

  • HardCandy

    He was crying cause his career is officially OVER!!!!

  • My President is Black...

    Yeah right he was crying because he has tried for so many years to become the 1st black president. He didn’t support Obama, he ENDORSED him but never supported him. He is a hater!

  • Vee-Yes We Did!

    I think it’s a combination of both: regret for what he said and sheer pride over the outcome. Even though what he said was stupid, we should respect that Jesse Jackson was the first black man to run for President of the U.S., and he walked with MLK and was a major part of our movement for equal rights. I felt bad that he seemed alone–none of ‘us’ were with him when he was crying. Plus, he started with a tear or two and then the floodgates opened–that man was getting his cry ON. That was real.

  • soofreshxx

    fake, fake faker. pls he’s just doin it 4 the cameras. they dont look like genuine tears 2 me.

  • Negro Please

    Quite frankly, I think Jesse is so in need of media attention that crying was the only way to get it unfortunately. I hope the likes of him, Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley, Bob Johnson and all the other Hillary Clinton ass-kissing, old negro brigade goes away now.

  • Ermy Erm

    co-sign with Vee…..

    its probably regret for bein a busta in the beginnin, but I think 90% of it was he never thought he would actually see a black prez AND he wished that MLK was here to witness it. He went through all that stuff wit MLK and im sure its a pleasant surprise to see. I think it his tears were sincere. Probably a mixture of regret, pride, hope, disbelief , and a testament to what he had fought so hard for all these years. The chance to let the world see that not all african americans are ignorant, pants saggin, gangbanging, baby mama’s and uneducated fools who don’t care, but instead educated, classy, and going somewhere. I admit I never thought in my life I would see a black man get elected prez but my eyes have been welling up with tears ever since


    BooHooHoo Jesse, go sit down!!

    Newsweek says that the Clinton and McCain camp was very chaotic…said they tried to find chaos in the Obama camp…couldn’t do it…and believe me he said…we were looking…the Obama camp ran their campaign quite smoothly…

    Now, deal with that!!


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