Which One Would You Hit???

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Here’s Ice-T and Ceddy Bear at Diddy’s birthday/election party held at Mansion. Ladies, out of the retired pimp and the rotund comedian, we must ask, Which One Would You Hit???

Check out Cassie in the ostrich get up and a few more pics.

Literally a ton of pics when you pop the hood on this thang…


  • Purpple

    Hell to the neither!

  • Dana Dane, I Saved The Best For Last Nigg@s, Kiss My Ass (5'9 Chocolate Diva And Proud To Be An American, YES WE CAN!!!)


  • talley-b

    I am basking in the Obamanance today. We are living in ObamaNation, whatever you do today, do it Obamanantly…..

  • Purpple

    daym i thought that was al b sure in the thumbnail till i made the pic bigger, that daym boy is spitting image of his father, Tarraji looks so pretty in the face..not sure about the fit, and I see cassie but wheres kim.hmmmm

  • Hannibal


  • cockblocka



  • ATXChick

    i will do that black chocolate teddy bear.. rub on his stomach all day….

  • lesbianbychoice

    I would have to go with Cedric the Entertainer. Thank God im a lesbian!!!!


    Why does diddy have on those glasses?????

  • Student Loan

    If either one of these fellas paid off my student loan, then hell yeah either one of them could get it!! Lol!!

  • lala#1

    Nither.. Ice T,, messing with Coco,, don’t want any of her leftovers and Cedric.. is just too big… Fuuny talented man, but wayyy tooooooooo big for me!

  • Valencia

    One of them would have to pay off my student loan before anything would happen!! Lol!! Other than that, neither one of them could get it! They can both kick rocks!

  • lala#1

    Neither. Don’t want anything Coco has been with, and Cedric as funny and talented as he is.. well he is just wayyyy tooooo big for me..

  • http://signoftimes@msn.org mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    bump ice t, thats a big ole yes yes for ceddy bear.

  • knottmyhair

    the belly of course…lol…next comedian!!!!!!!!

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