Breaking News: Herman Cain Finally Comes Clean About Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment

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Well, well, well. Raise your hand if you were surprised.

Herman Cain acknowledged on Monday that he was accused of sexual harassment while running the National Restaurant Association, but said he was innocent.

Speaking on Fox News before an afternoon speech at the National Press Club, Mr. Cain said that he was “falsely accused” and that the allegations were found to be without merit.

“I have never sexually harassed anyone,” Mr. Cain said in responding to a report published Sunday night by Politico. “Yes, I was falsely accused while I was at the National Restaurant Association,” adding that those accusations were “determined to be baseless.”

Mr. Cain said that he was not aware of the details of any financial settlement paid by the National Restaurant Association. He declared, “I hope it wasn’t for much because nothing happened.”

We’re still going to need to see some paperwork and documentation before we believe anything anyone says. Cain is crazy, but we do think it’s kind of shady that all of this came out while he was leading so many primary poles. Those politicians are ruthless!

We’re sure more details will be dropping soon.


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