Top 10 Halloween Costume Twitpics: The Good, The Bad And The Disgusting!

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Kiddie Condom

SMH! Really! Obviously this little one is a constant reminder of how he got here, so now they had make him wear it… literally?!?

How does that conversation go… “Mommy/Daddy, I want to be a condom for Halloween? O_o”


  • Steelcitychick

    Loved the little ones in their Halloween outfits, especially Lill Wayne…too cute!
    The Double D’s & Jack Daniels/Marlboros was priceless!

  • Christielove1468

    Awww,That kid looked just like Lil Wayne! the lobster baby was precious! Its pathethic how the kids parents dressed him up as a condom.That lady needed to be smacked for dressing up as a soiled maxipad,truly disgusting!

  • givmeabrek

    Luv’d luv’d luv’d the lil wayne n the baby as the lobster to to cute n the maxi pad come on gurlfren wtf were u thnk’n?

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