We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People: The Biggest Publicity Stunt Faux-Relationships Of All Time

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will jada

Stop the presses! Kimmy Cakes’ marriage is already over! Anybody else smell a publicity stunt? Well, she’s not the only one.

See, this is something rich people do. They get married just for publicity and to kill rumors. It’s a pretty shameful way to attention slore. Isn’t marriage supposed to be a covenant with God or something? Sigh.

kim kris

Kimmy Cakes and Kris Humphries – 72 days. That’s how long their marriage lasted. The ink from her marriage license hasn’t even dried yet! Oh well, she caked in $17 million on the wedding so she doesn’t have any regrets. Plus there was the rumors of her shopping for husbands? That’s just shameful.

will and jada

Will and Jada – There had been rumors for years that Jada was just Will’s beard and depending on who you ask, you never know. But the whole divorce rumor to stir up publicity only adds fuel to the fire. They get the extra side-eye now.

john legend

John Legend and Christine Teigen – Speaking of beard. She’s his beard, mustache, goatee and can of beer. Just look at this picture! He looks like he’s never kissed a woman before in his life.

50 handler

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler – This was the most obnoxious faux-relationship in rap history. They immediately took their stupidity to Twitter and made themselves look foolish. But when it comes to 50, there’s not much he won’t do for attention.

michael lisa marie

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie – Their marriage lasted about as long as Kris and Kimmy’s. And noooobody bought it. We just all figured it was the next step to his collection of Elvis memorabilia. That’s all it was, right?

tila tequila casey johnson

Tila Tequila and Casey Johnson – The attention sloriest of attention slores, Tila Tequila was going around with her new chick boo. But even Casey Johnson herself said it was just a publicity stunt after it was over. The truth always comes out, kids.


Lindsay Blowhan and Sam Ronson – Speaking of chicks getting the side-eye with their publicity stunts. Lindsay dated this woman for a few months, but nobody believed it for a second. She was so high, she probably thought it was a dude the whole time, anyway.

neyo and monyetta shaw

Ne-Yo and Monyetta Shaw – Yeah. No comment on Ne-Yo.

elizabetta george clooney

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis – George Clooney just keeps girls around to make him look like a suave bachelor. We’re on to you George. Canalis was the latest and she definitely aired him out for it, too.

tom and kate

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – Tom was having open auditions for who would be his new wife. And clearly Katie won. But in life, she totally lost. She was just around to help him get a movie role. Oh well.


  • im jus sayin

    how could u 4get tha fakest of tha fake jay & bey

  • Christielove1468

    @Im just sayin: I know thats right!

  • Dom

    Lol @ Will and Jada. They stay workin overtime to convince the public they’re perfect. It’s all a little too well crafted.

    Def would add that whole Ciara and Bow Wow moment to this list. And any woman ever with Diddy.

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