Elsewhere In The World: Kim Fraud-ashian Looks Sad, Lonely, And Single In Sydney [PICS]

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Aw, poor thang! Yesterday, amidst all the hub-bub surrounding the Humphries/Kardashian divorce, Kimmy and her bodyguard supportive sister fled the country to peddle purses “Down-Under” in Sydney, Australia. Apparently, Kim has seen better days. It’s not that she looked bad, but she “looked” bad. She was all gloom-and-doom as her publicity stunt is over her marriage comes to an end. Normally, we’d see Kimmy smiling and easy-going, but in these pics you can clearly see that Kim ain’t happy. The few pics that she does smile it looks TOTALLY forced for the cameras. Flip through the pages us and let us know what you see…

“Ugh, who said that?!”

“This smile hurts SO bad.”

“Hi guys, I’m doin’ my best to not look like a complete moron.”



More sad.


“Thanks guys, it’ll be all good. I’ll be “married” again before ya know it.”

“And you all thought me and Lamar were the ones that won’t make it!”

“I’m SO glad this isht happened to you and not me. You’re so much better at public embarrasment than I am.”

“Cheer up honey, we’ll find you a new faux-husband that will love you for exactly what you really are…”

“Thank you for coming out, God bless you, goodnight, and thank GOD I’m a better player than Kris Humphries!”


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