Rihanna’s Former “Love God” Says She’s Too Busy To Be In A Serious Relationship, Speaks On How He Used To Hit That Back When She Was 15, And Blasts Breezy About The “Incident”

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rihanna dancing with negus ealy

This Negus Sealy guy speaks very highly of Rihanna…not so much about Chris Brown.

Dailymail sat down with Rihanna’s first love, Negus Sealy, and discussed all things re: Robin “RihRih” Fenty:

Rihanna’s first ever boyfriend has told how no man stands a chance with her – because she’s way too busy to settle down. In an exclusive interview, 27-year-old Negus Sealy told how the S&M beauty considers him a close friend – but nothing more. Lucky Negus has been special friends with Riri, 23, for years and was recently seen romping with her at a carnival in Barbados earlier this year.

But he accepts that like so many of other flings in recent years, there’s no chance of anything long-term. Talking from his home in the Caribbean, Negus, 27, said: ‘She would be the perfect girlfriend and of course I fancy her – what guy wouldn’t?

‘She’s absolutely amazing and gorgeous and she has a very, very strong persona. I am so lucky to have spent so much time with her and will always consider her to be a closer personal friend. I value her so much because she has been pretty much been straight up and real with me from the beginning. But right now she doesn’t have time for anything serious with any guy.’

Speaking over a locally brewed Banks beer, Negus told how he first met Rihanna at a party when she was 15 and they instantly hit it off. He said: ‘We were introduced by a mutual friend. We shared the same sense of humor; she likes to laugh. I guess we pretty much took to each other’s character and it was just cool ever since then.’

Negus said he immediately picked up there was something special about her. He said: ‘I figured it was like a deeply embedded ambition in her to be a star – that’s what my first impression was, that she was actually destined to be something great. ‘She never told me personally that she wanted to be a star but I could pick it up from her posture, her singing and how seriously she took everything.’ The pair became inseparable and would hang out together on Barbados’s stunning white sandy beaches and go swimming and jet skiing together. Negus recalled: ‘We would just chill and have a good time. We go to the beach, party, just basic socialising. Then things would go from there.’ Negus told how their informal relationship means he’s never actually had to take Rihanna on a formal date.

He said: ‘It wasn’t necessary for me to ask her out on a date because we all (Rihanna and her local friends) hang out anyhow. We just get on well and go with it.’
The long-haired Barbadian modestly played down his nickname the Love God too. He said: ‘When I saw it I was like this is preposterous. It became a joke and my friends would joke on it and call me that after it was written but I don’t lure the local ladies in Bridgetown.’ And he admitted Rihanna even ribbed him about it. ‘At first she joked about it as well but we don’t really talk about the whole Love God thing anymore,’ he said.

Negus – who is currently trying to start his own advertising and promotions business – also showed how protective he is of Rihanna and slammed Chris Brown for his horrific assault. He said: ‘It was quite horrible. It was terrible, I felt upset when that happened.’ Rihanna had even introduced her friend to Chris when he came to visit her in Barbados. Negus said: ‘He seemed cool when I first met him. But what he did was wrong. ‘I didn’t appreciate it much obviously because she’s a friend of mine but I think she’s moved on.’



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