He Wants That Old Thang Back! Is Reggie Bush Pining For Kimmy Cakes???

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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

Is it out with the new and in with the old for Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush?

Amid reports that Kimmy Cakes dined with ex-boo thang Reggie Bush in NYC last weekend before coming to her decision to divorce hubby of 72 days, Kris Humphries, there’s now lots of talk that Reggie and Kim may be rekindling that old flame. According to NYPost reports:

Is Reggie Bush holding out for his ex, Kim Kardashian? Tuesday night, the NFL star seemed unusually disinterested in the pretty girls who were closing in as he dined at Miami Beach’s Delano with male pals including Dolphins teammate Anthony Fasano. A witness said, “His friends asked the girls to leave.” Rumors are swirling that Reggie and Kim, who dated for two years until 2009, may reconcile after she asked for a divorce from Kris Humphries for Halloween.

Bossip can also exclusively tell you that a source close to Kim says Reggie definitely played a role in her decision to leave her marriage.

“What they had never went away,” the source told Bossip. “She tried to move on, but ultimately she knew things wouldn’t work with Kris because she always had a stronger bond with Reggie.”

Wow. We had a feeling that Kim wasn’t into this Kris character as much as Reggie because she used to always talk about giving up work opportunities to spend time with him. We NEVER heard her talking that yang with Kris.

How long til Reggie is blowing them backs to smithereens???

Keep clicking to have a stroll down memory lane with us for a look at Kim and Reggie “When They Were”!


  • Gval

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  • http://yahoo ambie

    I feel like Kris is a better person than Reggie, he looks like he’s a lil too into himself and they’re always too serious when around each other….#dontdoit

  • Layla

    Wow, you can tell who’s a better person based on a reality show? Emphasis on the word SHOW!
    Seems to me Kris was very immature. But he’s still a kid really.
    Kris is better off cause she obviouSly did not love him. Better to end it now than drag it out. The sooner it’s over, the sooner he can move on.

  • nonya

    This woman does every single thing with a self serving agenda and it does not matter who gets hurt. She will lie in a heart beat.She thinks she is above everyone. She got married for the “show and the money” Please I beg of you all call E and get them off the air get them out of here.

  • Sheila

    Reggie go claim your woman. Don’t listen to what anyone has to say if you love her go and get her and make her happy and make yourself happy don’t let miserable people dictate your future. Life is too short and we only have 1 to live. Be a man and go after her if that is what you want. PERIOD.

  • Camilladundilla

    @ Sheila……. Is that u Kim K?!

  • badinka

    Kim needs black ROD. She can’t get her fill from no half bro, she need the real thang and Reggie look like he b puttn it down!

  • Blue Moon

    Lol @Camilladundilla

  • R.J

    Reggies not a media ho. Sooo he may not want her back knowing what all comes with KimmyKakes! They have Dash Miami AND he IS with the Dolphins…..can anyone say Kourtney and Kim take Miami?!

  • stopit

    Gossip please stop reporting on this slore, you are just giving her what she wants. The best way to get rid of her and her slore family is to ignore them, then they will disappear.

  • nyp

    I love kim and reggie together. U better claim it dude!

  • R.J

    You know Vera Wang dont give a crap if Kim and Kris stayed 2gether….she still got a fat check! Make yo MONEY MAN! Kim had 3 dresses for the wedding….alternate alternate!! Reggie wont mind lol

  • Kept_Woman

    My 1st thought is: Kim don’t get back with Reggie. They have been together twice and engaged once I believe. If he really loved her, why didn’t he marry her then? Don’t be strung along by Reggie again Kim.

    On the other hand, Reggie has not dated anyone exclusively since Kim. Maybe Reggie really does love Kim and wants to be with her.

    Is this the casting auditions for the Young & The Restless? Sheeshhhh, I’m tired of hearing about it and I’m tired of talking about it. NEXT……

  • White german/ blk ethopian bi racial me

    Raggie and kim looks better together than any other guy shes bin with.. raggie go get that chick bro! people are gonna talk trash dont listen to them gi with your heart .. bro you guys look so amazing together, neither you nor kim had an up grade ..go make that little bi racial baby…

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